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Liam Barnes - © Liam Barnes

© Liam Barnes

New Magazine Editor

The ELRPS are pleased to announce that Liam Barnes has joined our board as a Director and Trustee and will be taking on the role of Magazine Editor of our quarterly magazine. 


Liam has been a keen volunteer at the railway for 5 years, he began his volunteering journey when he was 16 years old in the Stations Department and worked his way to becoming Assistant Station Master at Ramsbottom.  At 18 years old he passed out as a Guard and is now part of the steam department working his way up to Passed Cleaner and beyond. 


In July 2021 Liam started as an apprentice in the engineering department and is learning unique skills to help keep our heritage engines in use. 


We extend our warmest thanks and appreciation to our outgoing Editor, Rory Lushman who has gone above and beyond to produce some fantastic editions of the magazine and helped keep our membership up to date with all the activity at the railway.  

Rory will still be active around the railway undertaking other roles and also as the roving reporter, capturing superb candid photos of volunteers going about their business. 


Thank you Rory and welcome to the team Liam!

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Powered pole saw training - © Mark Rosebury

Powered pole saw training

3 ELRPS volunteers have successfully completed powered pole saw training. They will soon be putting these new skills to good use clearing overhanging branches across the railway to help keep crews safe, signals clear and engines and rolling stock looking the best they can.

© Mark Rosebury

Pete Waterman's prize draw winners

© John Tate

Pete Waterman’s Prize Draw

The members only prize draw for a visit to Pete Waterman’s model railway raised over £6,000 for the ELRPS.

Prize draw winners, Neil Hewitt from Preston, John Clegg from Oldham, Brian and Ian Currie from Milton Keynes, met at Pete's at 11am and we took them into the building where the model railway is stored.

After introductions were made Pete explained how the railway had come about and why it was based on Leamington Spa. Pete was a fireman at Leamington Spa Shed and hence his interest in all things Great Western.

His part of the layout is the buildings of which he has built most of them and is still doing so.

Because there was nobody else in the room that day, Pete did run several trains for the winners. After almost 2 hours, it was time to take the photo and call it a day.

On the way out, Pete explained about the layout being built downstairs which is a part of the West Coast Main line and which is going to go into Chester Cathedral in June this year for a period of time - about 8 weeks.

Our very grateful thanks to Pete for his time and I hope that all those members reading this will try and get to see this huge layout of a section of the West Coast Main line when the full 62 foot is in operation at Chester this year.

Left to right in the picture: Neil Hewitt, John Clegg, Pete Waterman, Brian Currie, Ian Currie. 

Planting over 200 Woodland Trust trees across the railway

Planting over 200 Woodland Trust trees across the railway

Thanks to The Woodland Trust our volunteers have been out planting over 200 trees across the railway. These trees will provide new homes and food sources for wildlife including bees, soak up carbon for years to come and provide other benefits such as screening. Just one way that the East Lancashire Railway and the ELRPS are working together to improve the railway for all.


The trees were planted by two members of the team who both have full time jobs outside the railway. All 210 trees were planted in one day with another 60 having been just delivered this will take the total number of trees up to almost 300.


Work started by removing bits of metal and plastic on the embankment before using a brush cutter to remove the grass. Once this was done canes were laid out along to mark the area where each tree would be planted. The bundles of trees were spread out to ensure that there was a good mix along the entire hedge. A slit was then cut into the ground opening it up so each tender tree could be planted before firming the soil around it. A spiral tree guard was placed around each tree supported by the cane, this provides protection from rabbits and other species that would otherwise eat the new plants. They will also provide a microclimate around each tree to give it the best start and protect them from winds etc.


The trees are made up of a variety of native species including hawthorn, blackthorn and dog rose. They were donated as part of the woodland trusts “Free trees for schools and communities” scheme, this was awarded after a successful application from the off track team. They have been planted on the Bury to Heywood line between Alfred Street and the M66 motorway, they can be viewed from the comfort of the train and as they mature you will be able to see them from the nearby Roch Valley Greenway.


This site was selected for a number of reasons, there was a fire at the scrap yard in January 2020, this caused damage to a number of existing lineside trees, we also have some ash trees in the area that have succumb to ash dieback. These trees will ultimately need to be removed to ensure the safety of trains. The new hedge will mitigate the loss of these trees and provide new habitat and screening for the scrap yard.

The trees have been planted well away from the track to ensure that they will not interfere with the safe operation of the railway and the longer term goal is to underplant this new hedge with wildflowers once it has become established.

Over the next two – three years our dedicated volunteers will be out monitoring and tending to the young trees ensuring that the grass is kept at bay and that the trees thrive.

© Mark Rosebury

East Lancashire Railway Prservation Society Ltd.


Date: - TUESDAY 19th APRIL 2022


Due to the uncertainty regarding the current circumstances (Covid-19 & Omicron) the Society Board agreed that the 2022 AGM will follow the same procedure as in 2020 when all documents relating to that AGM were posted out to members.


Nomination forms for the positions on the Trustee Board are available on the Society website:-


or from the Company Secretary: –



42 Barnfield Cresecent




M33 6NL


Nomination forms and items for inclusion on the AGM agenda must be submitted to the Company Secretary by no later than 20th March 2022


ALL members should receive the fully detailed documents relating to the 2022 AGM by week commencing 20th FEBRUARY 2022.

Issued by the Company Secretary John Tate January 2022.


© Mark Rosebury

Off-track winter maintenance

Whilst we are not running passenger services at the moment we are still busy working behind the scenes. Our off track team have been out braving the wintery weather cutting down trees that pose a danger to the railway and neighbouring property. We have also started the mammoth task of adding tree tags to the thousands of trees across the ELR estate, this will allow us to manage them according to risk inline with industry best practice. We have also been planning some improvements to improve biodiversity and reduce our impact on the environment.


Have you got an interest in this type of work? The off track team meet on various Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the year, the work is exciting and rewarding with a wide variety of different tasks throughout the year. Contact the Volunteer Liaison Officer ( for more information and volunteering opportunities on the ELR.