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Steam Locomotive Department – © Rory Lushman

Steam Locomotive Department

The Steam Department exists to operate the steam locomotives that run on the ELR. The main role is to supply locomotives, a locomotive roster and develop locomotive crews for this purpose.

The department consists of drivers, firemen, cleaners and shed support staff. We have both male and female members within the department, the only limiting factor being fitness for some of the roles as can be a physical and demanding job. However we have had members flourish who may have thought the rigours may have been too much of a challenge initially.


The working hours are or can be quite unsocial but this is part and parcel of what is expected of recruits into this department. 


Once any initial shock has passed by you will find us a very tight knit group with a great team spirit. Could you fit the bill, age is not a limiting factor but it is more suited to the younger person. That said if you have it in you, we will get it out of you and that's a promise.


You will get wet, cold to very cold, then you can be warm or very hot, filthy dirty and leave potentially drained of your perceived strength. Still interested, then enquire and you could loath it, but the chances are you'll love it.

For more information on becoming a working member, please contact the Volunteer Liaison Team on 07585 198455 or at

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