Civil Engineering Department

The Civil Engineering Department of The East Lancashire Railway are also known as the PWay team or even the Hit Squad as they tackle all sorts of work.


The jobs tackled include track repair and maintenance, painting, electrical maintenance, fencing, tree cutting, strimming vegetation, drainage and setting up for events.

The team meets on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  But nobody works all three days.  Members are expected to work at least once each month. Training takes place on the job and there are a number of skills that are assessed over time including track and personal safety.

Normally arrival is about 9.30 and work starts at 10.00.   Most of us leave our cars in the area in front of Bury Transport Museum rather than paying car park charges unless we know we are working at other areas on the railway and then we go straight to the work site.

We bring our own lunch and drink.  Lunch is usually at 12.00 for about 45 minutes and by 3.00 we are finishing for the day but these times have to be flexible depending on the work to be done and whereabouts on the railway we are located.

Almost all of the team are retired with a wide variety of backgrounds.

Members need to provide most clothing themselves including steel capped boots and a high visibility jacket / overalls.  We have gloves to spare and other protective clothing for specialist work.


Drainage and track relaying at Bury North Tunnel - January 2019

In January 2019 we carried out drainage works and relaid No. 58B points at Bury North near Bury Tunnel. This work meant most trains used platform 3 to arrive and depart as access to platforms 2 and 4 was restricted due to removal of point-work north of the tunnel. A couple of DMU arrivals/departures took place from the south end of platform 4.

For more information on becoming a working member, please contact Chris Moore from the Volunteer Liaison Team on 07840 110448 or at

East Lancashire Railway Preservation Society Ltd.

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