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The 80097 restoration team

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The East Lancashire Railway Preservation Society Ltd. comprises like-minded individuals who have an interest in, and desire to support, the operation of the East Lancashire Railway.

The East Lancashire Railway operates heritage steam and diesel hauled passenger services over 12¼ miles of track along the picturesque Irwell Valley between Heywood and Rawtenstall.   The Society has over 3,500 members of which 800 are working volunteers who help operate and maintain the preserved line.  

By becoming a member of the ELRPS you are helping to preserve a piece of history that would have been lost but for the foresight an effort of those who formed the Society over 50 years ago. 

The ELRPS has funded infrastructure projects across the East Lancashire Railway in excess of £600k and by joining us your subscriptions will help fund the future of this award winning heritage railway.

Please use the on-line facility below to join us at the ELRPS. Memberships purchased between January and September are valid only until the end of that calendar year, 3 year memberships would expire 3 years later.

How we spend your subscriptions


For every £ the Society receives by way of membership subscriptions we have been able to reinvest 40% in the East Lancashire Railway by way of project funding or grants.

You can help us to increase the amount we contribute to the continued existence of the railway by:

  • Renewing your membership subscription when it becomes due (31 December).

  • Agreeing to receive your copy of the magazine and AGM correspondence electronically, this will allow us to double the amount we contribute to the railway.

  • Encouraging others to become Society members.

Volunteer guard and train dispatcher Liam Barnes

Current membership fees are listed on the application forms – Young Person Membership is open to those under 18 years.

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