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Signal and Telecoms Engineering Department

The East Lancashire Railway’s Signal and Telecoms Engineering Department, (S&T), undertakes the design, installation, maintenance, renewal and faulting of the railway’s signalling and telecoms equipment.

Signalling and telecoms equipment supporting the railway’s operations is Safety Critical, and the S&T Department operates a Competence Management System to ensure its members only work on tasks for which they are assessed as competent.

Volunteers applying to join the department will be asked to complete a skills profile so that their application can be considered fully.

Ideally S&T Department volunteers will have an interest in railways and in particular railway signalling, and will also have knowledge and experience in one or more of the following:

  • Mechanical signal engineering

  • Electrical signal engineering

  • Mechanical engineering, (including machining, fabrication and fitting),

  • Traditional or IP based telecoms

For more information on becoming a working member, please contact the Volunteer Liaison Team on 07585 198455 or at

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