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Travelling Ticket Inspectors – © Rory Lushman

Travelling Ticket Inspectors

The role of the Travelling Ticket Inspector (TTI) is to ensure that all passengers are in possession of the relevant tickets and passes and to issue appropriate tickets as required in order to protect monies, tickets and other company assets and maximise revenues as appropriate.

It is necessary for the continued operation and success of the ELR that we encourage people to visit and donate to our railway. TTI’s should therefore be Numerate (able to perform a moderate amount of mental arithmetic) literate and articulate whilst being assertive and decisive when required.


As TTI’s (part of the “on-train” team) we are at the forefront of customer service, and it falls mainly to us to create a welcoming and helpful atmosphere for members and the general public. In this role we must do our best to ensure that all passengers receive the highest levels of customer care and assistance from us. The ability of the TTI’s to meet with and talk to the public gives us the opportunity to provide this service, be it through answering questions about the railway, timetables, or assisting passengers generally, ensuring that their time on the ELR is as enjoyable as possible.


 GENERAL DUTIES:  These are varied but would include:

  • Supporting the guard in operating a safe and efficient train.

  • Inspecting and issuing tickets on trains.   

  • Handling cash / card payments for on-train ticket sales and being responsible for correct monetary balance at the end of the duty.  

  • Providing information about the railway to passengers including timetable details, fares and general information about the area.

  • Towards the end of each journey move through the train to collect rubbish.

For more information on becoming a working member, please contact the Volunteer Liaison Team on 07585 198455 or at

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