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Chairman's notes

We have a new Chairman

In Autumn 2021 I assumed the appointment of Society Chairman. The last few months have been interesting. Subscription renewals have been very encouraging. Thank you to you all for continuing to support us. The Society is now in a strong financial situation for the forthcoming year and future developments.

I have stepped back and am now a Vice chairman alongside Gerald Atherton because we recently voted to appoint Richard Sykes as our new Chairman. Like me Richard hails from London. I will steal no thunder and ask him to introduce himself.

David Wright




I am Richard Sykes, firstly and foremost, thank you for the vote in confidence in appointing me as the Preservation Society Chairman. I have been walking and talking with David Wright for many months prior to the appointment.

Who am I. Well, I started my railway career back in 1992 as a train operator in London. I swiftly moved on in the Operations department, to Revenue Supervisor, then to a Team Manager. In 1997 I moved to an engineering role. First project designing and installation of a train wash. Then managing many various projects, until I became the Head of Projects.  Projects included purchasing, design works, testing and commissioning new vehicles in to Safe Passenger operation. Other projects such, a railway extension, Telecommunications upgrades, signalling complete renewals and other varying Infrastructure projects.


In early the 2000s, I was despatched to Copenhagen to oversee the complete ground up building of their Metro. 2010 General Manager Rolling Stock, I got to deliver the service for the London Olympics. 2014 move to Vancouver Canada, to take on the role of Vice President of Engineering & Maintenance.


As aforementioned I hail from the East End of London. I have two grown up children and been married for over 35 years. Now living in Radcliffe.

I have a vision to change the way the Society and Operating companies work. I want to bring them close together and to ensure we work as one team for the benefit of the Railway and all of us that are passionate about what you have all achieved over the last 50 plus years.  I take my hat off to you all.

If you see me wondering around the railway, please say hello and lets have a chat.

I am fortunate that our Board members are in agreement that it is time to ensure we are visible and supportive in any way that we can help.


Watch this space there will some new documents being produced over the coming months. 

Richard Sykes

David Wright
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